Personalized Cake Trends in Manila and the World You Should Try!

In the Philippines, or more specifically, in Manila, personalized cakes are one of the most sought after products in the baking industry. Aside from the common orders such as bread, cupcakes, cookies, and other baked goods. There is a movement in the Philippines that the more personalized someone’s cake is during a celebration of an occasion such as birthdays, weddings, or anything else, the more it becomes appealing to the celebrant.


The start of modern cakes was brought upon by incorporating a beautiful, intricate work of art, that featured icing details that were created by hand through many hours of work. The piping work took up so many hours to make and incorporate to the cake that bakers had to use fruit cake as a base because it’s long-lasting. Meaning the cake wouldn’t spoil even after many hours of incorporating designs.


Throughout the years, the wedding cake has developed. Through the 80s, royal icing remained the overwhelming decision. A couple of various patterns started to rise also cakes utilizing a gentler buttercream icing, and all the more as of late cakes with “fondant” icing. The last is more flexible, giving a smooth finish and is simpler to use than royal icing. A cake planned today can exploit the greater part of this history. Current cakes can have royal icing, fondant, and buttercream in a variety of combinations, and can have cakes in numerous flavors over different levels.


With that being said, we at Canvas Cake Studio wanted to study and research trends and designs for different celebration styles to help you pick the perfect design that you’ll love! From the glamorous and opulent to the more understated chic cake, we’ve gathered most of the trends and designs known to the world. Without further ado, here are the different cake trends and designs that you can use in your next celebration to amaze and astound your guests!


Minimalist Cakes

This must be one of the beloved styles of cake in today’s time. A lot of people simply adore the minimalist pattern and design. These cakes exude simplicity and sophistication, yet additionally they incorporate a twist of floral or foliage in an extremely effortless combined way. Adding floral designs and patterns to your wedding cake is another loved design all over the world.


Sugar Flowers

Cake producers have hoisted sugarcraft to genuine workmanship, and are currently ready to make amazingly simple and lifelike sugar flowers. In some cases it can be extremely difficult to differentiate amongst icing and reality!


Cakes with Fresh Flowers

This has recently gone into the limelight in the trends and designs department of the cake industry because this is exactly the cake that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had during their wedding. Cooks and cake decorators alike are utilizing edible flowers to improve their dishes and cakes with more textured and splashes of colors. Of course, it would be important for you to make sure that the flowers or plants that you’ll be incorporating in the cake are edible. The best way to ensure this is to start and take care of your very own garden of edible flowers and you’ll be able to pick them fresh on the day you need them.


Drip Cakes

Utilizing softened chocolate or caramel to make a “dribble” effect on the highest point of the cake make these cakes look stunning and beautiful. At the same time, with the looks that these cakes have, the flavor will be amazing as well.


“Fabricated” cakes

Sugar is such an awesome medium to use on cakes; designs from dresses and fabrics can be recreated using sugar and is incorporated into cake outlines. From fragile ribbon details to dress ruffles, this type of design easily adds elegance and style into any cake.


Cakes with Ribbons

Normally styled silk strips are an extremely well known addition to cake styling nowadays. This design is minimalistic and simple, yet adds an extra flair to the cake..


Strong Colors

Who says White is the only cake color you can use in a formal celebration? Using strong hues or colors for your cake can include a genuine bit of style and refinement.


Stained Glass, Stones, and Metals

These surface designs are becoming more and more prevalent as the days go by, and are slowly making a style of their own. From cakes with edible gold leaves, copper consumable paint, marble, stained glass, to cement designs, all of these are now in style.


Dessert Tables

Ladies are looking past the traditional cake for a genuine stunning factor. Exquisitely styled dessert tables can be a genuine idea for your visitors. Filling a table with cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and other baked goods will still work just as well as having a traditional cake.


Deviant Cakes

Deviant means that you steer away from the conventional idea of a cake. IN all honesty, people don’t need to have a traditional cake all the time. All they need is a little bit of imagination and a competent baker, and they have an amazing “cake” at their doorstep. Examples of these would be a layered meringue centerpiece, a macaron tower, a croquembouche, or madelines with fresh fruit product can make a lovely substitute to a traditional cake.


  1. Black

The boldest and darkest of the dark colors, black cakes are slowly becoming popular. Conventional icing and cake batters can be tinted pure black to give the cake a dark, sophisticated, and mysterious impression that truly leaves anyone who sees it in awe.


  1. Galaxy Cakes

Thanks to movies such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and Guardian of the Galaxy, space doesn’t seem so far away when we incorporate it into cakes. Galaxy cakes play around with black cakes while giving it  more shading and texture using colors that leave us in wonder and amazement such as purple to signify the galaxies, white to signify the stars, and other colors to signify the planets. Even if you’re in the Philippines, personalized cakes such as this one will make it seem as though space isn’t so impossible to reach!


  1. Mirror Glaze

There’s something so perfect and entrancing about mirror glazed cakes – they mesmerize people to the point that they are considered to be works of art. As the name suggests, the final product ought to be so smooth and glossy that you can see your appearance! How would you get it so smooth, you inquire? Just pour the glaze over the cake and ensure that it is smooth and flat as possible!


  1. Meringue

It feels like meringue has been around for a very long time, yet it’s the different methods for utilizing meringue that is becoming today’s trend. Meringue icing or marshmallow icing is occurring as the crown on the cake with shiny white peaks. We’re additionally observing an infusion of shading accomplished with a piping bag and coloring gels. You can also opt to torch your meringue peaks to give it a golden roasted color that just adds a more elegant accent to the cake!


  1. Isomalt

Isomalt exudes drama, sophistication, and wonder with its ability to be formed into sparkling and amazing figures. Isomalt is a flexible, crystalline substance that once cooked and softened, can be filled into molds, maneuvered, or blown into any shape you can envision! What’s more, is that this is safe to eat and can easily be designed and colored using colored gels while incorporating extracts for flavor. Bakers and decorates are steadily improving upon using this particular products, and we believe that this will reach its peak in popularity very soon.


  1. Square

Round cakes have always been the conventional choice for cakes for a very long time now. We believe that it’s time for a big change through square cakes! Why? Because square cakes yield a bigger number of servings than a round cake and is easier to design with geometric and architectural patterns.


  1. Shapes and Textures

The time of dripping ganache and messy, hard-to-control drizzles are over. The trend today is to incorporate exact shapes and designs into the cake while maintaining a smooth, fine, and powdered finish. These types of cakes are stunning and leaves everyone that sees it in awe because of its sheer beauty and elegance.


  1. Sprinkles

Sprinkles have always been an integral part of any cake. Our first birthday cakes to anyone’s birthday cake – it wouldn’t be complete without the sprinkles! They just have this amazing effect of adding a burst of color to our cakes that make it more delectable and enjoyable. There has been a recent movement of expertly using sprinkles to accentuate and add a touch of fun on cakes.


  1. Muffins

We have noticed that the demand for traditional, jumbo-sized, sweet, overindulgent muffins have decreased while muffins that are more conservative and loaded with healthy products such as fruits, nuts, and other organic products have taken the muffin industry by storm.


Every one of That Sparkles

Metallic components like edible glitter or gold painted fondant are anticipated to be popular again. Distinctive hues, particularly gem tones or watercolor-esque components, are also becoming more popular. Chalkboard effect and cake patterns are also becoming more popular, and they can be a fun method to add some words or drawings into the cake.


Basically, the traditional pure white cake is slowly losing its touch and more over the top, unique cakes and designs are becoming the people’s choice. Obviously, that doesn’t mean your cake must be over-the-top. Traditional, pure, “as-is” cakes are still perfect, particularly for weddings with the addition of fresh edible flowers for accents. Just make sure that they look natural and intentional rather than being rushed and accidental.


Always remember the theme of the occasion. Even if the cake looks good on its own, it does not always mean that it will be the showstopper for every occasion. A galaxy inspired cake will not fit in to a rustic, nature-themed occasion. Much like the traditional, white cake will not fit in a disco-themed party. Of course, personalized cakes in the Philippines and any other part of the world shall entail a higher price than normal, pre-made cakes. So, if you are going to invest a lot of time, energy, and money to your cake, make sure that it is one of the highlights of your celebration.


Old Is New Once more

Vintage-styled cakes are also making a comeback. In case you’re incorporating any vintage components into your celebration, consider taking inspiration from the 40’s, 50’s or 60’s with regards to your cake. The 50’s, for example, saw a great deal of simple, clean-cut looking cakes with basic flower embellishments, similar to a couple of white or red roses.

You could likewise run with a straightforward, simplace cake, finished with a vintage topper. Maybe one obtained from your folks or another relative.

Getting inspiration from a cake that a close relative had during their wedding or birthday celebrations, such as your grandparents,  is also a valid technique to finalize your desired cake design. You could even show a photograph of both of them close to thoroughly explain the blend you’d like.

Finish the cake table with period-particular plates, for an additional brightening style.


Your Cake Doesn’t Really Need to Be A Cake

A few people don’t love cake, or are put off by the awkward idea of cutting into three gigantic levels. Pastry tables are a fun option, one that keeps on being a well known decision among present day celebrant. While smaller than expected cupcakes are as yet well known, and scaled down pies have their place as well, another choice would be macaroons, those fragile and wonderful little treats that are both scrumptious and dainty.


Regardless of whether you’re picking to have a few assortments of sweets, treats, or something different, simply ensure the sweet treats are expertly shown. What’s more, in the event that you intend to have a “cutting the cake” photograph at the gathering, always be prepared. This could mean holding the prettiest macaroons for yourselves and setting them on an excellent plate, or cutting into a warm crusty fruit-filled treat together. Basically, ick something you and your audience will love.


Canvas Cake Studio

Planning and deciding on which cake you’d can be a delightful bespoke affair. There are no standards or breaking points to what you can make. Envision, mess around with it, and work with your cake producer to make something that reflects you and your exceptional day.

We at Canvas Cake Studio, ensure that whatever you have envisioned is brought to life. In Manila, personalized cakes are what we are known for. Let us bring your dreams into reality.

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