Terms and Conditions

All personalized pastries made by Canvas Cake Studio are subject to the following terms and conditions.


*- Cakes are best consumed on the day of the event while still at its highest quality.

– Personalized pastries can last up to (3) days without refrigeration and should be kept in its original packaging and/or placed in an enclosed area or air-conditioned room. The cold moist air from outside especially during rainy season and refrigerator can cause condensation on the surface of the marshmallow fondant icing causing it to “sweat” and soften/damage the decorations.

* – Sugar is the main ingredient of marshmallow fondant that naturally preserves the cake itself without refrigeration.
Once cut, you may loosely cover the cake with plastic wrap to ensure best quality (within 3 days) the next day. After the third day, you may choose to refrigerate the cake to lengthen the shelf life but will no longer be in its best quality.

* – Most of our cakes are covered in chocolate ganache prior to the final coat of marshmallow fondant icing. If client or celebrant has known allergies to chocolate or any other ingredient relevant to the cake’s ingredient, we should be informed in advance for us to be able to substitute an alternative ingredient.

*for personalized cakes


– Design references from another cake maker can only be reproduced by Canvas Cake Studio as our interpretation of the design and will not be an exact replica of the pastry in the photo or video reference.

– Last minute changes three (3) days before the delivery/pick up of the personalized pastry will not be allowed.

– All details enumerated in the Order Summary are the final details to be put on the personalized pastry.


– Downpayments will serve as your confirmation as well as an agreement to all the details to your order.

– Downpayments made five (5) days before the day of the event are non-refundable.

– Deposits made earlier than five (5) days before the order date may be refunded depending on the progress made on the order. Supplies purchased for the client’s order may also still be charged.

– We highly encourage our clients to settle their remaining balance the day before via online transfer or bank deposit to avoid hassle on the day of the event.


– All orders for meet-ups and pick-ups shall be claimed ON AGREED TIME. We only allow thirty (30) minutes of grace period otherwise, the client must adjust to our schedule and location for the PICK UP of their order.

– Meet-ups are also considered as deliveries. Delivery fees will also apply depending on the meet-up location.


– Fortuitous circumstances such as, bad weather, sudden heavy traffic, and road accidents may arise at any point during the delivery. To avoid late deliveries, client must set at least one (1) or two (2) – hour delivery time prior to the start of the event. The client will be immediately informed if any of the said circumstances occur.

– Client, relative, or any event personnel must be present to receive the cake ON THE AGREED TIME especially for orders with a remaining balance. We only allow thirty (30) minutes of grace period otherwise, the client must adjust to our schedule and location for the PICK UP of their order. Contact details of the receiver shall be provided to us.


– Most photos of pastries will be posted on our social media accounts.
Facebook: Canvas Cake Studio
Instagram: canvascakestudio


All personalized pastries made by Canvas Cake Studio with lead time of six (6) days or less are subject to these terms and conditions:

– Rush orders are subject for approval
– Client must confirm within the same day of inquiry
– A ten (10) percent additional fee will be added to the final total of the cake
– Full payment is required to be deposited within twenty four (24) hours once Canvas Cake Studio has sent the Order Summary, otherwise, we will not be able to accommodate the order
– Most rush orders must be picked up by the client
– Delivery of rush orders will depend on our schedule and will be charged with the same delivery rate as regular orders
– If Canvas Cake Studio is in an on-site delivery for another client, a meet-up can be arranged but will also be charged with a handling fee.

Please be assured that rush orders will not compromise the quality of our products.

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